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Policies: Library Policies

Clarkson University Libraries Policies


  • Food and Drink
    The Libraries wish to protect library materials, space, and furniture, as well as maintain an environment conducive to study. Snacks and covered beverages are permitted in most areas.  Meals or messy, noisy, or strong-smelling foods are discouraged. Food is not allowed near computer terminals or other equipment. Be careful with beverages in these areas. Deliveries of food to the Libraries are not allowed. An exception is made for pre-approved, scheduled, catered events taking place in the Libraries. Unattended food or beverages may be disposed of by staff. Please clean up any spills right away (or alert library staff) and properly dispose of all food, trash,and recycling. The Libraries reserve the right to ask you to remove your food or beverage from the library if in the judgment of the staff it constitutes a violation of these guidelines. 
  • Posting Fliers
    The Libraries do not have a bulletin board or any other designated area for posting fliers, poster, or announcements. Any material taped, pinned, or posted to the walls, doors, or windows of the Libraries will be removed.
  • Privacy​
    The privacy of all users will be respected in accordance with NY State Law, Clarkson University Policies, and Professional Standards. Information collected by the Libraries that identifies a patron or the materials they use (e.g. borrowing records or information requests), will not be disclosed to others, including university faculty or staff, except in a necessary case such as collection of fines/fees. Patron information will not be made available to any agency of state, federal, or local government except pursuant to court orders or subpoenas. 


  • Guest Access
    Area community, Associated College members, and other campus visitors are welcome to visit either of the Clarkson University Libraries locations to read, study, and use the public access computers.  All guests must agree to comply with the rules and regulations of Clarkson University and the Libraries. Computer access includes use of the Libraries electronic resources such as databases, journals, and e-books. The Libraries cannot offer off-campus access to electronic resources to anyone outside of current Clarkson faculty, students, and staff with a Clarkson NetID. Area residents may set up a library account to borrow print materials at no cost (unless fines or lost fees are accrued). 


  • Gifts of Books and Materials 
    The Libraries may accept donations of  books and other materials that extend and compliment existing collections. Because of the cost of storage and processing, the Libraries are unable to accept all donations. Gifts are accepted with the understanding that they become the property of the Clarkson University Libraries upon receipt and the Libraries may make all decisions regarding the retention, location, and disposition of donated items. All gifts will be reviewed by an appropriate library staff member prior to acceptance by the Libraries. Acceptance is based on the criteria set forth in our collection development policies. 

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