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Homepage: Library Renovation Information

What is going on in the Main Campus Library? 

Clarkson Ignite. Think, Make, and Innovate.

The library is currently undergoing renovation as part of the Clarkson Ignite initiative. 

For more information on Clarkson Ignite visit the Clarkson Ignite webpage: 

All library services will remain available during these renovations. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service to our patrons. 

Library Renovation F.A.Qs


Where are the computers? 

Many of the computers from the library were moved to a new computer lab on the second floor of the TAC building. There are still several computers available for use within the library. Printing is still available from these computers as well as wirelessly. 


Where are the tables and study carrels? 

We still have seating available in the library but additional seating and some of the study carrels have been moved up to the second floor of the TAC building. 


Can I still print/scan/copy? 

Yes, there are still two public use black & white printers available for use in the library. Wireless printing is also available. 


Where are all of the books? 

The library is retaining the print collection. The general book collection is all still located on the first floor of the library. Shelving units were relocated to accommodate construction that will be taking place in the back of the library to erect new compact shelving units. 

Most journals, dissertations, thesis, and microfilm is still located in the second floor closed stacks area and may be retrieved by request. 


Why is it so noisy? 

Moving and construction crews are actively working within the library to carry out the renovation. You may experience some disruption. We apologize for the inconvenience.


How long will it be like this? 

The current arrangement of the library will be in place until the end of the spring 2018 semester. 


Can I still reserve a study room? 

Yes, study rooms are still available for check out. Please visit our reserve a room page for more information.