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Welcome to the Physician Assistant Research Guide

The purpose of this guide is to gather together and organize reliable online and library resources to support students and faculty in the Physician Assistant Program at Clarkson University. This guide is not intended to be comprehensive, but is a good starting point for information and research. Suggestions for additional resources or websites that you find helpful are welcome (send email to HSL librarian).   

Exam Prep

PAEasy is an online tool that helps  prepares physician assistants for PANCE and PANRE certification tests with approximately 1,200 questions. Three unique Testing Modes which include untimed practice mode, a timed exam, and a simulated test that replicates the official test and its conditions. Customizable for individual testing.


Databases index articles about specific subjects. Different databases focus on different areas of the literature. It is a good practice to use multiple databases for your search. Hover over links for description of databases. Those listed below special ize in Medical and Health Resources. Check the A-Z Database list for other possibilities. Click on individual links to visit the databases. 

Other Search Tools

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