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Welcome to the Occupational Therapy Research Guide

The purpose of this guide is to gather together and organize reliable online and library resources in Occupational Therapy. This guide is not intended to be comprehensive, but is a good starting point for information and research. Suggestions for additional resources or websites that you find helpful are welcome (send email to HSL librarian).   

OT Books

Search the library catalog to find the books you need. 

[hint: limit your search to this library only by checking "Health Sciences Library" under 'Library'.]

This identifies both books in print (found in the HSL book room) and ebooks. 

Try keywords or phrases such as: 

occupational therapy
occupational therapy practice
occupational therapy practice guidelines
"people with disabilities" AND rehabilitation
american occupational therapy association

Select OT Texts available: 
located in the book room at call # listed


Databases – best bets

Different databases focus on different areas of the literature. It is good practice to use multiple databases for your search. Below are some of the best bets, but check the A-Z Database list for other possibilities. Hover over links for description of databases. Click on individual links to visit the databases. 

Other Search Tools

Core OT Journals

Core journals refer to the journals within a given specialty that are the most important ones for that specialty. These are the core 9 journals for the field of occupational therapy as identified in a 2010 JMLA article (Journal of the Medical Library Association), entitled: "Mapping the Literature of Occupational Therapy: An Update" by author Jonathan Potter, MLS, MA. An additional 120 journals were identified as "moderately important." Potter concluded: "Occupational therapy is a multidisciplinary field with a strong core identity and an increasingly diverse literature."

Need Help?

Mary Cabral, MLS
Health Sciences Librarian